Options For Financing Dental Implants

Getting the correct dental care is important for avoiding long-term dental damage and/or infections. But what happens when you have reached your insurance limit for the year, or you don't have dental coverage at all and need to get implants? Here are some ways to finance dental care outside of dental insurance.  Credit Card One simple way to finance your dental implants is with a general use credit card. If you already have one, then you'll be set to pay off your dental bills with it. Read More 

Is It Wise? 3 Reasons You Should Have Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Removed Early

If your child's dentist has recommended that they have their wisdom teeth removed, you should probably heed their advice. While it might seem like your kids should be able to keep their wisdom teeth until they're older, there are some legitimate reasons why that might not be a good idea. Here are three important reasons why you should have your kid's wisdom teeth removed when the dentist recommends it. Less Traumatic Read More 

What Is Dry Socket?

After you have a tooth extracted, there are a variety of potential risks, but one of the greatest is dry socket. This condition is very painful as it is caused by the socket being exposed to fluid and air. Here are some things to know about dry socket and what you can do about it. Pain is the Primary Symptom In terms of signs and symptoms, experiencing severe pain is the most common sign that you are suffering from dry socket. Read More 

Dental Care: What Is A Deep Cleaning?

If you have gum disease, your dentist might have recommended getting a deep cleaning. This is a little more complex than a regular cleaning as it gets deeper below the gum line to remove plaque and tartar. Here are some things to know about this type of cleaning. When You Need a Deep Cleaning The first thing you should know is when you might be a good candidate for a deep cleaning. Read More 

4 Surprising Tips To Prevent Cavities

It's common knowledge that regular brushing and flossing, combined with less sugar consumption, can prevent cavities and tooth decay. If you are following these rules but still have a cavity-prone mouth, perhaps it's time to add more decay prevention ideas to your daily arsenal. The following are some lesser known and sometimes surprising ways you can further minimize your chances of a cavity. Tip #1: Switch to a straw There's no need to give up sweet drinks completely – you can still enjoy them as an occasional treat. Read More