Options For Financing Dental Implants

Getting the correct dental care is important for avoiding long-term dental damage and/or infections. But what happens when you have reached your insurance limit for the year, or you don't have dental coverage at all and need to get implants? Here are some ways to finance dental care outside of dental insurance. 

Credit Card

One simple way to finance your dental implants is with a general use credit card. If you already have one, then you'll be set to pay off your dental bills with it. But if you've reached your limit on an existing credit card, you may want to reach out to your bank to get a temporary extension of your credit limit; some banks will extend your credit if you explain the extenuating circumstances for a temporary change. While using an existing credit card can be convenient, it can also be difficult if it ties up your credit allowance that you would normally use on other expenses. 

Healthcare Credit Cards

Another option to seek is a healthcare credit card. These credit cards are used exclusively for approved medical or dental charges. This is a great option if you aren't eligible for a general use credit card. Some healthcare credit companies will give consumers a promotional period in which the interest is reduced or eliminated. But once the promotional period is over, be aware that the interest rates can shoot into the double digits. If you need temporary assistance with your dental finances, this is a great option.

Healthcare Loans

Another option to seek out is a healthcare loan. This option allows you to consolidate all of your healthcare expenses into a single monthly payment. If you need to add healthcare expenses to the loan in the future, then the loan company should be able to refinance the loan to consolidate the new expenses into your existing payment. This is handy for those who have ongoing expenses to manage. 

If you're a patient who needs dental implants that your insurance won't cover, the good news is that you have several options for paying off your dental bills. It's important to look at the terms of each contract upfront; some of them may look like a great deal at first but carry heavy penalties for late payments. If you are unsure where to turn for dental financing options, your dentist--such as one from Gordon Dental--may be able to turn you to a company that they work with for financing their patients.