Why Antibiotics Are Often Needed Prior To Root Canals

A root canal procedure is something many people have to go through, and it has become a very standard procedure in dentistry. Dentists use root canal procedures when bacteria gets into the roots, or canals, of teeth, and most dentists will prescribe antibiotics to a person prior to completing the procedure. Here are a few things you should understand about antibiotics and root canals. A root canal should not be performed when there is an active infection Read More 

Braces And Your Pregnancy: Frequently Asked Questions

When you're pregnant, everything you put on or in your body is a consideration. If you already have braces when you enter your pregnancy or wonder if it's safe to get fitted during your pregnancy, chances are you have several questions about the safety of you and your child. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about braces and pregnancy. Is It Safe to Wear My Braces During Pregnancy? Read More 

Is Your Teen Wondering What To Ask Your Family Dentist At Their Next Checkup? 3 Dental Concerns That Are Specific To Teens

Dentists love it when they can watch a child mature into a young adult who knows how to be proactive about their oral health care. Now that your child has reached their teen years, they are ready to begin being more involved in their dental appointments by discussing their concerns. Naturally, you can expect that their dentist will ask the basic questions about oral hygiene and whether or not your teen has any discomfort, but it also helps for your teen to have a few topics in mind to use as a springboard for figuring out how they can best care for their teeth during these important years. Read More 

Considering Dental Implants? 3 Things That You Should Know

Losing a tooth can have a major impact on your life. It can make eating and speaking difficult and can be detrimental to your self-esteem. The good news is that if you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, there are options for tooth replacement. While dentures and dental bridges are the traditional choice, dental implants are also an option that you may want to consider. Implant dentistry can completely restore your smile and allow you to go about your life. Read More 

The Cons Of Picking Gold Fillings

If you need a tooth filling, then your dentist may help you to choose the material that is best for your tooth or teeth. While silver amalgam and resin-based materials are the most common, some people do like to pick out gold fillings. However, you may want to think hard about whether or not gold is a good choice. After all, there are quite a few drawbacks to picking gold fillings, like the following. Read More