Digestive Problems Caused By Ill-Fitting Dentures

Not only can ill-fitting dentures lead to pain and soft tissue damage inside your mouth, they can also lead to digestive problems. If you develop stomach problems, make an appointment with your physician. If he or she is unable to determine the source of your symptoms, a visit to your dentist may be in order. Your dentist will perform an oral examination and will check your dentures for proper fit. If he or she finds that your dentures do not fit properly, they may need to be relined by the dental lab. Read More 

Invisalign Treatment: Dos And Don’ts

While it would be great if everyone could be born with straight, perfect teeth, not everyone has this luxury. Thankfully, individuals who are not born with straight teeth still have options to attain that beautiful, perfect smile. One effective and discrete option that is available is Invisalign. Invisalign treatment uses clear trays that are virtually invisible, which means that you don't have to worry about those unsightly metal brackets on your teeth. Read More 

Tips for Protecting Your Teeth from Decay During Invisible Braces Treatment

If you plan to straighten your teeth with Invisalign or a different invisible braces product, then it's important you understand how to protect your teeth during the treatment period. Since your teeth will be covered by the plastic aligners much of the time, harmful bacteria can linger on your teeth, and this will eventually lead to problems with decay. To proactively protect the health of your teeth during invisible braces treatment, follow each of these tips: Read More 

2 Mistakes That Will Damage The Roots After You Knock Out One Of Your Teeth

After falling down and striking your face against an object, you may have discovered that you knocked out one of your teeth. Fortunately, under the right conditions, a dentist may be able to reinsert and save the tooth. However, if you make the following mistakes while handling the tooth, you may wind up damaging the roots and make saving the tooth impossible. 1.  Handling the Tooth by the Roots When you find your tooth laying on the ground, you may be tempted to quickly snatch it up and place it in your hand. Read More 

3 Supplies You Should Keep On Hand For Dental Emergencies

Dealing with a dental emergency can be scary, especially if you are concerned about how the injury will impact the future health, placement, and appearance of your teeth. Fortunately, by keeping a few crucial supplies on hand, you can prevent causing more significant damage, raising your chances of making a full recovery. Here are three supplies you should keep on hand and how they can help during a dental emergency.  Read More