Avoiding Toothpaste Containing Microbeads Is Your Best Bet

Many health and beauty products contain plastic microbeads for their gentle abrasive effect. The beads are pervasive in face and body washes for exfoliation purposes. They are made of the same material used to manufacture plastic grocery bags, garbage bags and lightweight water bottles. Dentists are speaking out against microbeads because these little pieces of plastic are included in many common types of toothpaste simply to provide decorative color. The beads may actually lead to gum irritation and gum disease. Read More 

Steps To Take After You Have A Tooth Pulled

Following a tooth extraction, it's normal for bleeding to occur. However, a blood clot needs to form in the empty tooth socket in order for the extraction site to heal. Without the presence of a blood clot for a few days afterward to protect the underlying nerves and bone, you risk severe pain and infection. That's why it's important to take steps during the first 24 hours after having a tooth pulled to control bleeding and keep from dislodging the blood clot that forms in the tooth socket. Read More 

Dispelling A Couple Of Misleading Myths About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be one of the most practical options for patients that are needing to replace missing teeth. However, dental bridges are also highly misunderstood by the patients they are designed to help. Due to this, it is easy for individuals to fall for common myths concerning dental bridges, and this can make it difficult for them to make informed choices regarding this option. However, if you learn about the following two widely held notions about dental bridges, you will be in a stronger position to act as an informed patient. Read More 

Dental Bone Loss: Prevention And Treatment

Bone loss in your jaw, particularly the lower jaw, can lead to loose teeth and infections. Preventing and treating bone loss depends somewhat on the cause, but there are strategies that apply to most sufferers. Begin by understanding the common causes and treatments, and then visit your dentist for more help. Causes Periodontal disease, also called gingivitis or gum disease, is the primary cause of bone loss. Bacteria gets underneath teeth, via the infected gums, and eats away at the bone. Read More 

3 Tips For Keeping Your Invisible Braces Invisible

There are a few different advantages to choosing invisible plastic braces over traditional wire braces. For example, you can remove them while you eat, which allows you to enjoy a wider range of foods. But the primary benefit to invisible braces is found in the name. Invisible braces are clear and barely noticeable to the casual viewer, which is a great advantage over the highly visible metal braces with their brightly colored rubber bands. Read More