4 Signs You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

Tooth problems can put you down to a point where you cannot function well. Although you can relieve the pain through over-the-counter drugs, the pain may soon recur. The only way to get a permanent solution is to see a dentist. After careful examination, the dentist may recommend an extraction. Usually, tooth extractions are done when there are no other ways of saving the tooth.  So, you should look for the signs you need a tooth extraction to prepare yourself when booking an appointment with your dentist.

Painful Gums or Jaws

If you have been experiencing unbearable pain in your jaw or gums, you may have a tooth that needs extraction. The most probable cause for the pain is an infection on the gums or jaw. However, it might also mean that you have a case of a severe cavity. There is also a possibility that you have impacted teeth. Along with the mentioned causes, you may experience bad breath, bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity of the gums, and headaches. Once your dentist evaluates the cause, they might need to pull out your tooth.

Your Tooth Feels Loose

It is not normal for an adult to have loose teeth. So if you have a few loose teeth, your dentist might be able to find a solution or recommend teeth extraction. Damaged roots often lead to loose teeth. And if there is no way of fixing the problem, your dentist may have no other option but to pull the tooth out.

Your Teeth Are Crowded

Tooth crowding is where you have excess teeth with limited space. So, they end up growing in weird places like in front of or at the back of other teeth. Sometimes they squeeze themselves into the limited space, thus resulting in crooked teeth. Crooked teeth increase the chances of tooth decay, pain when chewing, gum problems, and discomfort. By removing some of the teeth, the rest can finally have space to align properly. However, you would have to wear braces for them to get back in line.

You Have a Tooth Fracture That Extends to the Root

Your tooth may fracture due to an injury, and it can be painful. If the pain is intense, it may be that the injury has extended to the roots. Generally, you will need to see a dentist for this particular situation. However, after careful examination, you are likely to go back home without one tooth.

Many people do not like the idea of tooth extractions. Perhaps they fear it will affect their self-esteem. However, extracted teeth are replaceable with artificial ones. So do not fear seeing a local dentist for a tooth extraction.