Having Veneers Placed To Improved Your Smile

If you have problems with your teeth that can impact your overall appearance, it can be important to have these issues treated as quickly as possible. Sadly, patients will frequently fail to undergo basic cosmetic dental procedures due to assuming that the disruption from these treatments can be too extensive to make it worth it.

What Is Recovering From Having Veneers Placed On Your Teeth Like?

Dental veneers can be among the more popular of the cosmetic dental procedures. This is not surprising given this option's ability to rapidly transform a person's smile. In fact, veneers can completely alter your smile in as little as a few hours. Furthermore, the recovery period for these patients will not be nearly as involved as most other cosmetic treatments. While a patient will experience some sensitivity in the days immediately after having the veneers placed, this will rapidly fade and should not require the patient to miss work.

How Do Dental Veneers Improve The Quality Of Your Smile?

Veneers are commonly used to address situations where a patient has teeth that may not have an attractive or normal shape. This is often due to trauma that the teeth have sustained, but it can also be a product of developmental issues that occurred when the teeth were first growing. This treatment will work by covering the teeth with a thin layer of porcelain, composite resin, or other durable materials so that the shape of the tooth can be altered without the need for extensive bonding work. Patients with large gaps between their teeth can find veneers especially useful for quickly closing these gaps.

What Can You Do To Make The Veneers Last Longer?

Dental veneers are not a permanent feature of your mouth as they will eventually require replacement. Replacing worn veneers with new ones can be a minor procedure, but patients will still want to avoid the expense and disruption of needing to have this work done. For these individuals, it is possible to take a few precautions to help the veneers last. Keeping the veneers and teeth as clean as possible will be useful for reducing the wear that they can experience as a result of plaque and tartar building up. Yearly dental examinations can also be important with these dental treatments, as they will allow for the veneers to be checked for excessive wear or other issues that could indicate it is time to replace them before they experience a sudden failure. 

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