Several Basic Questions About Dental Implants Addressed

Needing to have a tooth replaced can be an intimidating procedure to need. For those needing this type of procedure, a dental implant can be among the most durable options for replacing missing teeth. However, if you are needing to undergo this procedure, you will want to have a thorough understanding about a few common questions that are often asked about these treatments.

Will Your Diet Be Restricted Following This Procedure?

In the days and weeks following the placing of the dental implant, you will want to be careful with what you are eating. The dental implant will be placed in the jawbone, and you will need to give it ample time to heal before eating hard foods. Otherwise, you may inadvertently cause the implant to come loose, which could seriously delay your healing process.

Why Are Follow-Up Visits Needed After This Procedure?

As the dental implant bonds to the jaw, you will need to visit the dentist for a series of follow-up visits. These visits are required so that the dentist can closely monitor the way that your mouth is healing. Without these visits, it would be impossible for your dentist to catch some of the more commonly encountered complications, such as infections or the implant failing to bond. While these visits may be somewhat inconvenient, they can be essential for ensuring that your smile is as beautiful as possible following these procedures.

How Long Will Your New Dental Implant Last?

It is no secret that a dental implant can be more expensive than bridges or dentures, but they will provide you with the benefit of lasting far longer than these other options. In fact, the implant itself will be permanent. However, you may want to have the artificial tooth that attaches to the implant replaced after five or ten years. Whether or not this is needed will depend on the way that the tooth suffers wear and tear. Therefore, you need to make sure to have the implant inspected every year so that the dentist can monitor the condition of the artificial tooth as this will experience most of the wear and tear from chewing.

A dental implant can be the perfect solution for those needing to have a missing tooth replaced. However, if you are not well-informed about this type of treatment, you may need to understand that your diet will be temporarily impacted, the importance of your follow-up visits with the dentist as well as the fact that a dental implant is designed to be permanent. Possessing this knowledge will allow you to make sound choices for your dental care needs. For more information, contact a dentist, such as Frederic J Mrugala DDS .