Repairing Gapped & Uneven Teeth With Veneers: Things To Know

Do you hold back on smiling because your front teeth are gapped and uneven? The solution to your problem may be to get dental veneers placed on your teeth, but a dentist must determine if you are a good candidate first. Find out in this article how dental veneers can repair your gapped and even teeth to give you a smile that you are proud of.

What Makes Someone a Candidate for Dental Veneers?

You must have no serious oral health problems in order to be a good candidate for dental veneers. Weak jawbones are one of the most serious conditions that can interfere with dental veneers. The reason is due to your teeth being at risk for falling out after the veneers are in place, which can be a wasted investment on your part. A dentist will have to give you an x-ray to diagnose the condition of your jawbones, and you mouth will be thoroughly examined visually. He or she will also determine if you need to take antibiotics to treat any gum infections that you may have.

How Will Gapped & Uneven Teeth Be Fixed with Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are perfect for getting rid of gaps and unevenness at the same time. The reason is due to veneers being a shell that is bonded to the surface of your natural teeth. The shell of a veneer can be customized to make the exact kind of repair that you need. For instance, the shell can be made wide for filling in gaps, and can also be made long to make teeth more even. You can wear dental veneers without anyone knowing that they are not your natural teeth, as they are made out of porcelain that mimics the enamel of natural teeth.

What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Charge for Dental Veneers?

The price for dental veneers is based on how many is needed to repair your gapped and uneven front teeth. For instance, getting four veneers on your upper front teeth is estimated to cost $2,000 or more. The thinness of the veneers will also play a role in what you are charged. Veneers that are 0.2 mm thick will cost at least $2,800 if you need four of them placed on your upper front teeth. Get in touch with a cosmetic dentist to find out if he or she can repair your gapped and uneven teeth with dental veneers!

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