Dispelling A Couple Of Misleading Myths About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be one of the most practical options for patients that are needing to replace missing teeth. However, dental bridges are also highly misunderstood by the patients they are designed to help. Due to this, it is easy for individuals to fall for common myths concerning dental bridges, and this can make it difficult for them to make informed choices regarding this option. However, if you learn about the following two widely held notions about dental bridges, you will be in a stronger position to act as an informed patient. 

Myth: Decay Is Not A Threat To A Dental Bridge

When some patients get a dental bridge, they may assume that they will not need to worry about decay for this part of the mouth, but this is not entirely the case. The bridge is attached to two of your remaining teeth, and if these teeth start to suffer from decay, the dental bridge can experience a host of problems. 

Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to clean the anchor teeth using a toothbrush and floss. As a result, you may be better served by investing in a water flosser. These devices emit strong jets of water than can remove any food particles that are trapped under the support crowns. 

Myth: You Will Have A Gap Between The Bridge And Your Healthy Teeth

Many patients assume that there will be a noticeable gap between their dental bridge and their healthy teeth. Not surprisingly, this is an outcome that most patients want to avoid, and assuming this myth is true can cause some people to forgo this treatment option. Luckily, it is important to note that brides are designed to fit as close to the natural teeth as possible. In fact, most dentists will want to place the bridge so that it is in contact with the adjacent healthy teeth. 

This is done to reduce the ability of food particles to become trapped between the teeth. By installing the bridge in this manner, it will be possible for your dentist to drastically reduce the chances that your bridge contributes to decay. 

Opting to receive a dental bridge can be one of the most affordable options for replacing teeth that have been lost to injury or disease. Yet, if you believe one of the two myths, you may find it difficult for you to make an informed choice regarding this option, but after learning the truth about these notions, you may find it easier to make a smart choice regarding this treatment. To learn more about dentistry, speak with someone like Silverado Family Dental.