3 Tips For Keeping Your Invisible Braces Invisible

There are a few different advantages to choosing invisible plastic braces over traditional wire braces. For example, you can remove them while you eat, which allows you to enjoy a wider range of foods. But the primary benefit to invisible braces is found in the name. Invisible braces are clear and barely noticeable to the casual viewer, which is a great advantage over the highly visible metal braces with their brightly colored rubber bands. However, if your invisible braces aren't kept clean, they'll become filmy, cloudy, or discolored, and they'll end up being a lot more noticeable. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your invisible braces clean and clear.

Take Them Out When You Eat

You should get a case to store your invisible braces in – make sure that you keep it with you so that you can store your braces while you eat. Before you put your braces in the case, rinse them out thoroughly under running water. Saliva left in the braces can form into a sticky film that's hard to remove.

When you take your braces out of the case, you should make sure to clean that thoroughly as well. Use a gentle soap and lukewarm water to scrub it out. A dirty case can result in dirty braces the next time that you need to use the case.

Drink With a Straw

Certain drinks have the ability to stain the teeth, and if they can stain enamel, they can certainly stain the plastic that your invisible braces are made of. Cranberry juice, for example, can leave a red or pink stain, and soda can leave a yellow color on your braces. Anything containing food dye can have a staining effect.

It's best to stick with water or take the braces out when you drink staining beverages, but in a pinch, drinking through a straw can also be a solution. When you pull the liquid through the straw, it goes straight through to your throat, bypassing the teeth.

Keep Your Orthodontist Appointments

Invisible braces are meant to be exchanged every few weeks for a new set. Each new set brings your teeth a little closer to being perfectly straight. That alone is a good reason not to cancel or postpone orthodontist appointments while you're wearing the invisible braces.

But the appearance of your braces is another good reason not to put off appointments. The longer you wear a set, the more wear they'll show and the more obvious it will be that there's something over your teeth. Exchanging your old set for a new, clear set of braces on schedule not only ensures that you'll be done with the braces that much sooner, it also ensures that your braces won't be as noticeable.

You can straighten your teeth and keep people from noticing that you're wearing braces by following these tips. Pretty soon, you'll have a straight set of teeth and you can focus solely on keeping them clean and clear.