The Cons Of Picking Gold Fillings

If you need a tooth filling, then your dentist may help you to choose the material that is best for your tooth or teeth. While silver amalgam and resin-based materials are the most common, some people do like to pick out gold fillings. However, you may want to think hard about whether or not gold is a good choice. After all, there are quite a few drawbacks to picking gold fillings, like the following.

They Are Expensive

It makes perfect sense that gold is more expensive than a lot of other materials used to create dental fillings. Gold is a precious metal and is worth over 50 times more than silver, depending on the market rate of both the metals. So, when you ask for a gold filling, this cost is going to be passed on to you. As silver amalgam is one of the cheapest materials used by a dental professional, it can be shocking to see how much a gold filling is when compared to a silver one.

Costs may also be increased due to the placement of the filling itself. It sometimes takes two appointments for the dentist to secure the filling. The professional needs to take a mold of your mouth first. A gold filling is then made to fit the mold, and the filling can be placed at this point. 

If the filling needs to be adjusted in any way, this can increase the amount of time it takes to complete the procedure. 

Galvanic Shock Is an Issue

If you have teeth that are not very healthy, then you may need to have fillings placed on a regular basis. If at any point you decide that you want to have silver fillings placed in your mouth instead, then this can cause an issue with galvanic shock. This is something that occurs when you have two different metals, like gold and silver, that sit next to each other. The saliva runs across the fillings and a slight electrical current is generated. This can create some pain and sharp sensations in the mouth.

Galvanic shock can be avoided by choosing a single metal for fillings. And since gold is so expensive, it is wise to pick silver. Of course, you also have the option of picking resin, and unlike both silver and gold, this material will look natural against the dental enamel. 

If you want to know more about fillings and how to pick the right ones for you, speak with a dental professional.