The Use Of Ultrasonic Cleaning In Dental Care

Ultrasound technology is used in a wide range of medical applications. In a dental clinic, ultrasonic cleaning provides an additional tool for the removal of tooth plaque. In between visits to their dentist, patients can help reduce plaque buildup by using an ultrasonic toothbrush along with brushing with a regular toothbrush.

Ultrasonic sound waves vibrate at frequencies higher than the sound range audible to humans. A dog whistle is a simple example of an ultrasonic sound instrument. For medical uses, however, an ultrasonic sound frequency must be continuous and stable in order to be useful. At your next dental cleaning, your dentist may use an ultrasonic cleaning mechanism to remove plaque before finishing the process with a metal scaling instrument.

Ultrasonic cleaning device

The only part of an ultrasonic cleaning device that comes in contact with a patient is the small end tip of the instrument. It is the end tip that oscillates at an ultrasonic frequency. The ultrasonic vibration is accompanied by a tiny stream of water. The oscillating action of the ultrasonic pressure waves creates a minuscule bubbling action that loosens plaque from your teeth.

Despite your best intentions, regular brushing cannot reach all the surface areas of your teeth. The tiny bubbles generated by an ultrasonic cleaning device can reach tooth surfaces unreachable by toothbrush bristles. After the ultrasonic cleaning action is performed, your dentist is likely to use a traditional scaling instrument to locate and remove any remaining tartar.

Ultrasonic toothbrush

An ultrasound technology somewhat similar to that used in a dental clinic is available for home use. An ultrasonic toothbrush vibrates at a frequency high enough to create the helpful ultrasonic cleansing bubbles. Unlike your toothbrush for regular use, you only have to move an ultrasonic toothbrush slowly along the gum from tooth to tooth. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before placing an ultrasonic toothbrush in service.

An ultrasonic toothbrush is not to be confused with an electric toothbrush that operates in a circular motion. The terms used in marketing some of the products are somewhat similar. The vibrating motion of an ultrasonic toothbrush is usually barely visible. Because of the unique action performed by an ultrasonic toothbrush, some of them display a timer to help you become more efficient during the recommended duration for cleaning.

The most important steps in dental care are performed at home, but your dentist remains abreast of technical innovations that can help protect your teeth. Contact a dentist like Pavlakos Vasilios Bill J DDS PC Dentist to learn more about how to maintain optimal dental health.