3 Easy Tips To Help You Recover Quickly From Oral Surgery

If you have an oral surgery coming up, make sure that you know a few strategies to speed up your recovery before your surgery takes place. That way, after your surgery, you can start to implement these strategies right away.

#1 Protect the Surgery Area

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you protect the surgery area, especially in the hours immediately following your surgery. If there is gauze in your mouth, keep the gauze in your mouth and follow your doctor's care instructions for the gauze. You also want to limit activity around the surgery site. That means refraining from talking. If you have something to say, type it out on your phone or write it out instead.

Also, avoid eating and drinking for the first few hours after your surgery. Try to eat before your surgery so that you are not hungry following your surgery. You should avoid spitting as well. The action of spitting can harm your surgery site, so avoid it if you can.

#2 Get Lots of Rest

The best thing you can do after oral surgery is have someone drive you home and get some rest. That doesn't mean that you have to go right to bed, but a nap during the day would be productive as would going to sleep on time or early. When your sleep, your body has a chance to heal.

If you can't sleep, take it easy. This is the perfect day to watch that series you have been wanting to binge-watch with your favorite streaming service. Resting for the day following your surgery and taking things easy and light for the week following your surgery will help your recovery process.

#3 Stay Well-Hydrated

Next, although you should avoid eating and drinking in the hours immediately following your surgery, you shouldn't avoid drinking all day. Water is essential for the healing process and for your overall health. You don't want to become dehydrated following your surgery, so be sure to drink lots of water after your surgery. Do not drink your water through a straw. Although that may seem safer, the suction motion can actually be harmful to your mouth and recovery process. Stick to water, and avoid caffeinated, carbonated, and hot beverages as your mouth recovers from surgery.

As you recover from oral surgery, make sure that you take all necessary precautions to protect the surgery site and minimize movement of your mouth in the hours immediately following your surgery. Get lots of rest and take it easy, and be sure to drink lots of water along the way as well. Contact your local oral surgeon for more information and assistance.