Missing Teeth? Critical Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants

When you meet a new colleague for the first time, what is the main thing you notice about them? If you answered, "Their smile," you're in good company. A recent survey found that approximately 40 percent of the responders stated that the smile was the first thing they noticed about new people at work. This figure alone should make you more aware of just how important the condition of your mouth is. If you have missing teeth and are trying to weight your replacement options, dental implants are the ultimate solution that you may not even know you're looking for.

Avoid Embarrassing Mishaps With Dental Implants 

If you have ever known any friends or family members who wore dentures, you might recall them telling stories about embarrassing tooth-related incidents that happened to them. Dentures are a much more temporary fix for missing teeth, and if they aren't made from the most durable materials, they can easily break at all the wrong times.

Imagine how you would feel if you were out with a potential romantic interest and were wearing dentures. You're having such a good time that you forget your limitations and decide to enjoy a hard mint after your dinner in hopes of freshening your breath. To your utter horror, you instantly hear the denture bridge crack in two and the pieces start to loosen up in your mouth. You have to hightail it out of the restaurant, leaving your date in bewilderment and possibly ruining a moment that you may never get back again.

Dental Implants Are The Natural-Looking, More Permanent Remedy

You don't want to greet the world with teeth that look so far removed from the real thing that almost anyone can tell you're sporting fake teeth. Dental implants are made from a fine porcelain material that is just tinted to mimic the hue of your real teeth. The implants are inserted into the gums and held in place with strong plates of titanium or steel. This gives them the kind of stability you need to feel comfortable ripping into your favorite meal without worrying about looking down to find a piece of the denture attached to your t-bone steak!

Getting dental implants can absolutely change your life. You deserve to feel confident, attractive, and like the world is your oyster. Have your dental implants installed so you can reclaim these joyous feelings and start living by your own rules.