Two Common Household Items To Help Your Gum Abscess Heal

Not brushing and flossing your teeth will cause many dental problems. Among these problems is the growth of abscesses in your mouth. When your teeth are not properly cared for, bacteria will set in and cause small pockets to form on your gum line. These pockets are full of pus and can be very painful. If left untreated, an abscess can lead to even more dental problems. Luckily, there are many things that you can do right at home that will help drain the abscess and help it heal. Below are the only two everyday items that you need in order to help rid your gums of an abscess.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great natural solution to cure an abscess. This common household item is full of eugenol, which is a natural killer of bacteria. When used, the eugenol will help to clean out the infection and protect your mouth against harmful bacteria and germs. It will also help ease the pain and swelling that are commonly associated with an abscess.

Using the olive oil method to get rid of an abscess is very easy. Simply saturate a cotton ball in the oil and apply it directly to the infected area. Once it is in place, massage the abscess and let the olive oil seep in to the gums. Then hold the cotton ball in place in between the gums and the cheek for about ten minutes. You want to repeat this method every day until the abscess is gone.


Garlic is used in many countries to treat simple medical and dental ailments. One of the many things it can be used for is abscesses. Garlic is a astringent that will help drain all of the toxins from the infection site. Once removed, the garlic will help to remove any excess bacteria and guard your gums from any other infections that may occur.

Using a garlic press, squeeze out the juice from five garlic cloves into a bowl. Dip your index finger into the juice and rub it into the infection. Garlic also works as a pain reliever, so it will reduce the amount of pain your abscess is causing, making the healing process easier to handle.

Without proper brushing and flossing, harmful bacteria will reside in your mouth and cause infections and abscesses to form on your gums. They are not only painful, but they can also lead to worse dental problems. When an abscess forms, use one of the ingredients listed above to help the healing process along and to relieve the pain with that is associated with abscesses.

For more information, or if the problems continue, talk to a dentist like Killar Curt DDS.