Teeth Cleanings: Clean Your Kids’ Teeth Before School Starts

If school starts soon for your children, you may update their immunizations and health exams right away. You may also want to have your kids' teeth cleaned by a dentist soon. Your kids' teeth can hide things that may endanger their oral health, including tooth decay. If your children expose their teeth to sweets and other things at school, their dental problems may become worse. Learn more about kids' dental cleanings and why you should clean your kids' teeth before school starts below. 

Why Are Dental Cleanings So Important?

Dentists offer a wide range of preventive care services to their pediatric patients, including dental cleanings. Like other types of preventive care services, dental cleanings allow dentists to prevent oral health problems before they begin. Dental cleanings can keep children healthy throughout their childhood.

Dental cleanings, or tooth cleanings, do several things for patients, including removing excess plaque and tartar from their teeth. Tartar is the hardest and most dangerous form of plaque, and is one of the leading causes of gum disease in people today. Dentists must physically scrape tartar off the teeth to remove it.

In addition, certain foods can also damage your children's teeth over time, including some of the things they may consume at school. Some schools serve hot dogs, pizza, and other foods for lunch. Soft-textured bread such as hot dog buns and pizza dough can trap between teeth during the day. The starches can turn into sugar, which can weaken tooth enamel and gum tissue over time. If your kids don't have time to brush or floss their teeth after lunch, food may remain on their teeth until they leave school at the end of the day. 

A dentist can keep your kids' teeth free of tartar with dental cleanings. 

Where Do You Clean Your Kids' Teeth?

A pediatric dentist or a family dentist can clean your children's teeth for you. You may need to search online for a provider who can clean your kids' teeth before school starts. After you find a dentist for your kids, schedule tooth cleanings for them.

A number of things may occur during dental cleanings. A provider may ask you about your kids' brushing and eating habits during the visit. Tooth decay can occur in children who don't brush or floss regularly at home. If you need tips on how to care for your children's teeth, don't hesitate to ask a provider for them.

A provider will clean each child's teeth thoroughly during the visit. If needed, a dentist will apply a coating of sealant and fluoride over your kids' teeth to ensure they remain healthy between cleanings.