2 Misconceptions You May Have About Wearing Clear Braces

While visiting your dentist, you may have discussed your desire to have your teeth straightened to help improve your smile. As part of the discussion, they may have brought up the possibility of fitting you for clear braces instead of metal ones.

However, you may have misgivings because you have heard some misinformation about them. Below is the truth behind a couple of misconceptions you may have about wearing clear braces.

1. Clear Braces Are So Uncomfortable You Will Always Know That They Are There

One misconception that you may have about wearing clear braces is that they will be uncomfortable. Because they are trays instead of brackets that are attached to your teeth like metal braces, you may worry that they will constantly rub against your gums. This would then always make you aware that they are in your mouth.

However, before you start wearing the braces, a form is taken of your teeth and gums so that the trays can be fitted to the shape of your mouth. As the weeks go by, the trays will then be adjusted mildly to help realign your teeth gradually.

The only time that you may feel slight discomfort is when you switch out trays for new ones that will help to move your teeth slightly. Even then, it will be minor and should go away fairly quickly. 

2. Clear Braces Will Stain Easily and Be Noticeable to Anyone Who Looks at You

Another fear you may have about the braces may be based on the misconception that they will stain and become yellow over time. Because of this, they would then be noticeable by everyone who looks at you.

However, while the material from which the braces are constructed can stain, there are things that you can do routinely that will keep them clear. Since they are not attached to your teeth, you should take them out before you eat or drink anything. This will significantly decrease their exposure to staining foods and drinks.

Also, you should brush and soak them every night to help remove bacteria and residual foods. If you keep up with these simple care tips, the braces should remain clear until you are ready for the next trays.

After learning the truth, you may be ready to learn more and even discuss the process of straightening your teeth with clear braces. If so, contact a dentist who offers Invisalign clear braces to discuss your personal situation as well as what needs to be done to get you fitted for them.