What Effects Does Trauma Have To Teeth?

Trauma to a tooth is something that occurs in many ways. A car accident, for example, could lead to tooth trauma. A collision while playing a sport could also lead to trauma to a tooth. There are many ways trauma can occur to teeth, and trauma to teeth will often affect them. Here are some of the effects to know about if you recently experienced trauma to a tooth.

A Tooth Can Fall Out or Come Loose

While teeth are securely implanted in your mouth due to their roots and your jawbone, they are not impenetrable. In other words, they can fall out. If a tooth is exposed to enough force and impact, it can become loose and can fall out of your mouth. This does not happen easily or with all types of trauma, but it is one effect that trauma can have on a tooth. If this happens, you should seek help immediately from a dental clinic.

The Tooth Could Experience Problems If Chipped or Cracked

Secondly, trauma to a tooth can leave the tooth chipped or cracked. If it is chipped, you'll likely see this right away. If it is cracked, you might not even know right away. The problem with a chip or crack in a tooth is that it can make a tooth vulnerable to problems. Bacteria, for example, can get inside the tooth through the chip or crack in the tooth. If this happens, it can lead to an infection and a variety of other oral issues. If you suspect your tooth is cracked, have a dentist look at it.

The Tooth Can Become Discolored

Trauma to a tooth can leave the tooth discolored, and this can occur in several ways. One way is through blood. If there was enough force to the tooth that your mouth was bleeding, the blood from the event could get trapped in the tooth and could discolor the enamel or the dentin, which is the underneath layer of tooth. A tooth may also become discolored if the trauma causes the tooth to die.

The Tooth Could Die

A dead tooth basically means that the roots of the tooth have stopped working properly. The roots carry nerves and blood flow to a tooth, and if this stops, the tooth will die. This can happen instantly or over time, and it is a problem you should have checked out by a dentist.

If you ever experience trauma to a tooth, it is important to have a dentist examine the tooth and take x-rays of it, and you should aim to visit a dental clinic sooner rather than later. To learn more, talk to a dentist like Dr. Jon Douglas Lesan, DDS, RpH, PA about the problems you are experiencing with one of your teeth.