Keeping Your Teeth From Age 12 To Age 99: How It’s Done

Most people assume that tooth loss comes with aging. Actually, that is not so. The only reason this "tooth myth" continues to pervade society is that it was once accepted that your teeth would fall out or be pulled before you died of "old age" at fifty. People are now living much, much longer, and dental hygiene is such that that particular notion has become quite outdated. If you want to know how to keep all of your teeth from age 12 to age 99, here is how you can accomplish that. 

Brush and Floss Twice Daily

People who brush and floss twice daily keep more of their own teeth for much longer than people who skip good oral hygiene. The teeth and gums never have a ton of sugars or bacteria stuck on or in them for very long, which results in a cleaner, healthier mouth all the days of your life.

Restore Teeth Immediately

Whenever you do have a problem with your teeth, visit your dentist right away. It is easier to fix and restore a small problem with your teeth rather than to wait and try to fix a much bigger problem. Your dentist takes less time filling a tiny cavity than he/she does trying to clear out a large cavity and possibly crown a tooth.

If You Grind, Protect

If your dentist tells you that you have signs of bruxism, or that you grind your teeth, protect them. Immediately ask your dentist for a custom mouth guard that you wear at night while you sleep. This cushions and protects your teeth against the grinding you unwittingly do at night. The guard will prevent the cracking, splitting, and chipping that are common with bruxism, thereby extending the "life expectancy" of your teeth.

If You Have Other Health Problems That Prevent You from Seeing Your Dentist, Fix Them

Most dentists will not treat patients who have high blood pressure. This is just one of several health problems that will prevent you from good dental care. Treat these health conditions as soon as possible, and then get back to seeing your family dentist twice a year (or more often).

See Your Family Dentist Twice a Year, Without Fail

People who visit their dentist per the recommended number of visits per year keep their teeth in better condition and for much longer than their peers. These visits are to monitor the health and well-being of your teeth and gums, as well as give everything a good deep cleaning your toothbrush cannot. If you follow all of the above practices to the letter and avoid physical fights, accidents, and injuries to the face, you can keep your teeth for decades beyond what you had expected.