New To Using Dentures? 3 Tips For Adjusting To Them

If you're finally getting dentures after not having teeth for a few years, there will be a bit of a transition period as you adjust to them. There will be a learning curve at first, but sticking with them will help wearing dentures every day become easier. Here are some tips for adjusting to new dentures as a first time wearer.

Gradually Break The Dentures In

Dentures are a big lifestyle change, and your dentist may tell you that you shouldn't not jump right into wearing them constantly at first. Instead, you'll need to gradually break in the dentures by using them for a little bit every day.

It helps to move the use time up in small increments. For instance, the first day you may wear the dentures for an hour before taking them hour for an hour. The next day you can up your usage time to two hours with only an hour of down time.

The benefit of gradually wearing your dentures more and more will be that your gums will more easily adjust to them. It can help avoid the sores and stiffness that would occur if you wore the dentures nonstop from the first day. Sores will also discourage you to wear your new dentures if you develop them early on.

Eat Soft Foods At First

While new dentures will give you the ability to chew foods once again, be aware that dentures are very different than using natural teeth. There will be new jaw movements you must learn to move the dentures correctly when chewing, and it won't be something that comes naturally at first.

It is best to stick to soft foods right after you get your new dentures. This will allow you to figure out how to move the dentures when you do not have to bite down that hard on your food. As you get used to chewing with dentures, you can move up to tougher foods.

Practice Speaking Alone

Dentures also will change the way you speak while they are in your mouth. Instead of rushing out to show off your new dentures in a group setting, you should practice talking alone while in front of your mirror so you can become used to how they feel. You'll find that you'll need to make some slight changes with the dentures, which may involve tongue placement against the roof of your mouth.

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