2 Ways To Make Your Dental Implants Look Their Best

Dental implants generally do a great job of making your teeth look much better than they did before. This is because they take an area that had no tooth at all, and give it a new tooth, or in other words a dental implant, that looks and functions like a natural tooth would. When it comes to your dental implants, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that your dental implants look their best. Some of these things can be done before you ever get the implant, and others will, of course, be done after you have received the implant. This article will discuss 2 ways that you can do this:

Get Your Teeth Whitened Beforehand

The color of the crown that is placed on the dental implant will be matched to the color of your natural teeth surrounding it. Because of this, it can be very beneficial for you to whiten your teeth before you get your crown made. This ensures that your dental implant will be as white as possible, as will the rest of your beautiful smile. White teeth can go a long way in helping you to feel confident when you speak and smile, so having a white dental implant is generally very important to most people. This will be made even more important if the dental implant is located in the front of your mouth. 

Avoid Hard And/Or Sticky Foods

In order to ensure that your dental implant stays properly attached in your mouth and that it isn't going to be cracked or otherwise damaged, you should avoid using it to chew foods that are either quite hard or that are very sticky, such as hard candies or toffee. Hard foods can make the dental crown portion of the implant crack because it isn't quite as strong as a natural tooth. Also, if you use it to chew sticky foods, you may rip the crown off of the implant entirely, and all you will be left with is an artificial root or screw that the crown attaches onto. Since either of these are quite unsightly, as well as expensive to fix, it is important that, if you choose to eat foods that are hard and/or sticky, that you only chew them with your natural teeth. These teeth are better equipped to handle them and it is much less likely that they will be damaged while you are eating them.