Drill-Free Dentistry: Is It Right For Your Kids?

Do you have a child who is terrified of going to the dentist? It is very common for kids to develop a fear of the dentist, especially if they have endured a procedure that involved needles, drills, and the like. Fortunately, many dentists are going drill-free in their practices. A drill-free dental procedure is a great alternative for kids who are afraid of the traditional cavity control procedures. The following is some information about drill-free dentistry and what you can expect:

How It Works

Drill-free dental procedures can work in one of two ways. The first option is the use of a laser. Laser technology is used to ablate the hard surface of the tooth and clean out the decay. The tooth is then filled using the same process as traditional cavity filling.

The second option utilizes a tool much like a sand blaster. This tool utilizes pressurized air that blasts a mixture of small particles in order to penetrate the surface of the tooth. These particles consist of safe combinations of baking soda and silica. The particles are blown on the tooth so forcefully that they are able to quickly remove the decay. It is then suctioned out and filled as normal.

Advantages of Drill-Free Dentistry

The benefits of drill-free dentistry are extraordinary. The levels of fear that children have in going to the dentist are significantly reduced, easing the dental anxiety so many children deal with. The amount of pain and the use of needles are practically eliminated with these drill-free options.

The drill-free options are also much more targeted to the specific areas of decay, allowing the dentist to more accurately remove all of the bad areas of the tooth. There is much less risk of cracking the healthy portions of the tooth as well, reducing the need for additional repair. In addition, the drill-free procedure is much faster due to the decreased moisture. The tooth has to be as dry as possible for traditional fillings, and more water is used to wash away the decay as it is drilled out. There is no need to wash away decay in the drill-free options; it is simply suctioned out of the mouth.

Drill-free dentistry is a great option for children. You do not have to be concerned about using laughing gas or other measures to calm their anxiety. If you would be interested in this option for your children, be sure to make an appointment with your pediatric dentist to see if this is an option. You can also visit a cosmetic dental office for this option as well. To learn more, contact a dental clinic like Alaska Dentistry For Kids