Is It Wise? 3 Reasons You Should Have Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Removed Early

If your child's dentist has recommended that they have their wisdom teeth removed, you should probably heed their advice. While it might seem like your kids should be able to keep their wisdom teeth until they're older, there are some legitimate reasons why that might not be a good idea. Here are three important reasons why you should have your kid's wisdom teeth removed when the dentist recommends it.

Less Traumatic

Wisdom teeth are those unnecessary thirteenth molars that are located in the very back of your child's mouth. While your kids are growing, so are their wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, that means that the root structure of those teeth are growing deeper and stronger. By the time your child reaches adulthood – and begins to experience problems with them – the roots will be so deeply entrenched that the extraction will be much more difficult and painful to accomplish.  By having your child's wisdom teeth removed while they're young, the roots won't have had the opportunity to fully develop, which means that the procedure will be easier, less painful and less traumatic.

Reduces Future Dental Problems

Your kid's teeth may look perfectly straight right now, but once their wisdom teeth start growing in, that might all change. This is particularly true if your child's mouth is too small to accommodate the additional 13th molars. You can prevent future orthodontic problems by having their wisdom teeth removed before those problems arise. Once the wisdom teeth are gone, your child's remaining teeth should be able to grow in straight without the danger of overcrowding – which will necessitate orthodontic treatment.

Prevents Emergency Situations

When wisdom teeth are allowed to grow in an already overcrowded mouth, severe complications can arise – including impaction and infection. As the wisdom teeth try to grow in, they'll start pressing up against other teeth, which can cause the surrounding teeth to shift position. When that happens, the surrounding teeth can crack under the pressure, which can lead to dental emergencies. If the wisdom teeth become impacted, the dentist will have to perform oral surgery to remove the wisdom teeth. You can prevent those emergency situations by having your child's wisdom teeth removed while they're young.

You might not think about your child's wisdom teeth but you should, especially if the dentist is recommending early removal. The information provided here will help you decided if early extraction is right for your child. Be sure to speak to your dentist about any other questions you might have regarding wisdom teeth extractions. Contact a business, such as the Family Medical Dental Center, for more information.